Vietnam Pilot

finding and validating a business model

Our Vietnam pilot is designed to run prior to taking big decisions as we go forward. Our design, data structure, navigation and user experience is what will feature uppermost, and what we will evaluate at the end. Go to Beta.


Vietnam is a land of possibilities and brimming with determined and hard-working people. Almost everything you need is here and for the most part you will be greeted with a smile. 

As a nation that values learning, it is no surprise to find that Vietnam has a burgeoning array of modern schools that serve both the local and Expat communities.

Vietnam is also an exciting and rapidly transforming country - an ideal place to test our great idea.


Our Vietnam pilot launch will run from May to November 2017.


Like any startup, testing a product or service is essential to know if there is an appetite for it. Please remember that Kidsnschools is currently in Beta form.


We will scrutinise every last detail of our pilot so that we can trim away anything that didn’t go as planned. At the same time we will boost to the things you loved, and proved you loved by joining our community. 


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