International School ISHCMC

International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Proud to be the first for many important milestones in Ho Chi Minh City, ISHCMC has a rich history yet is always innovating. Students are taught in modern learning environments by trained IB educators specializing in inquiry-led teaching. This, paired with international-standard safeguarding policies ensures that all children are safe and supported to reach their potential. ISHCMC students enjoy coming to school and develop a life-long passion for asking questions and searching beyond what is asked in the classroom. They ultimately become true 21st century citizens equipped for the future.

Key Information

  • School Type International School
  • School Language English-Medium
  • School Phase(s) 3-5 years (Pre School)
    5-12 Years (Primary School)
    12-14 Years (Middle School)
    14-16 Years (Senior School)
    16-18 Years (Upper Senior School)
  • Estimated Population 2

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Sue Furness
Sep 13th, 2017

Kidsnschools' welcomes ISHCMC.