We want to attract sponsors from the global education sector

Sponsorship is one of the best ways to show your commitment to international education. Growing and supporting a community is our goal - we want to develop new ways of crowd-sourcing innovation and imagine learning for the future. Being a sponsor will raise your organisation profile among international educators, provide regular access to potential clients and extend your reach to local businesses in cities worldwide.

Our concept

Our compelling concept introduces new ways of discovery in the global education marketplace.

  • Website listings
  • Content marketing opportunities
  • Customer engagement community platform
  • Social listening*

* We plan to integrate social listening/analytics technology in the near future.

Like any startup, testing our product and services is essential. During our Pilot operating from the 9th May to 31st October 2017, we will focus on finding and validating a business model as we respond to a perceived local need.

  • Our service users are both Expatriate and Host Nation families
  • Families are now entering international education at all levels at an unprecedented rate
  • International schools are well represented in Vietnam
  • We will review our pilot against our Road Map for Growth
Our demographic

Living overseas might seem strange to some but for families everywhere it’s what they do. 

When you come across students calmly comparing lists of all the different countries they have lived in, you realise that this type of uncontrived back and forth is completely normal and represents the only life they have known. This is also true for some 4 million other students and their families worldwide - families just starting out to those who are seasoned Expats, these are our demographic. 

Our consumers are parents, educators, stakeholders in education and associated knowledge industries. Our customers are eligible venues found in cities worldwide. For our pilot we will have pre-listed around 315 venues in locations across Vietnam.

  • 70 Pre-schools  
  • 74 International Schools
  • 160 Activities
  • 10 Education Specialists
Our market

Our market is global, made up of vendors and users of K-12 international schools. The market described here is not locked down; there are varying degrees of freedom for opportunities to find breadth and longevity. It is not yet possible to say how all of this might unfold across the dimension of time - our success will ultimately be determined by educated and passionate believers, and we look forward to discovering who you are.

Our community

We believe that our market differentiator will be our community - a living network of knowledge. 

We want to discover and understand the needs and motivations of our potential community and to define the important topics that will drive conversations and add value for our members. We believe it absolutely matters where education is going as opposed to where it is today.

As a global community of learners, we aim to:

  • Focus on the K-12 international schools' experience
  • Discuss the biggest questions in education today on a particular topic
  • Bring talented individuals together to advocate for their point of view and help to co-create the future

Stakeholder voice

We recognise that businesses, including for-profit schools, have grown to understand that their online audiences can become a community to the benefit of customers, potential customers, and the business itself. Their discussions and content should inspire people to engage, and drive value-actions from the community.

Social listening

Until now social listening been dominated by listening to the people who we already engage with. However we now see an increasing number of informed individuals and brands looking at a wider audience - one that could prove useful for examining today’s big questions and repurposing them as content.

Thought leaders

Thought leaders are real people with real faces talking to real communities. At its core, thought leadership is where you tap into the talent, experience and passion inside your schools and businesses, or from your community, to answer the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience. The source is not as important as the content. Thought leadership doesn’t mean a big name from a big school, it means you provide the best and deepest answers to your customers’ authentic questions in the ways they like to consume them.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of Kidsnschools. Please inquire using this form and we will contact you.