we want to discover our potential investors and mentors

This broad brush description of Kidsnschools is intended to attract prospective Early Stage Mentors and Capital Investors. We are clean sheet focused on finding and validating a business model. We seek one to three key people who share our vision and goals and can also add value in terms of experience, connections, and industry knowledge.

Who we are

We are a British company owned  and operated by a non-technical founder from a background in International Education.

Kidsnschools' platform was built, and is cloud-hosted in the United Kingdom. It is designed to operate in today’s global education market - specifically targeting K-12 International Schools and parents. 

We are pleased to launch our pilot in Vietnam, a place where learning is highly respected by its people and International Schools are well represented on the ground.

What we do and why

Kidsnschools provides services designed to offer solutions that are compatible with the main players within this growing niche market. We perceive these players as having a connected problem of discovery.

We believe that discovery can be achieved in a more meaningful way than how it currently exists.

We believe that our solutions are modern and relevant and will positively impact this market going forward.

Who we do it for

For Kidsnschools the key players in the global education market are our:


Parents of children in international schools


Schools and stakeholders relevant to this niche


We believe that the market is underserved in terms of services that support global K-12 parents.


When parents are searching for new schools from a distance, they have no immediate and comprehensive basis for making an informed choice. 

There are of course schools websites and other listings, but there is no existing community as such, one that can be used for obtaining trusted local knowledge that emanates from their destination city and can exemplify the education landscape from personal experience.


We aim to help parents find the information they need, when they need it. We will achieve this by growing a global community of learners, where consumer knowledge can re-enter the marketplace and connect to the central needs of the network as a whole.


We believe that International Schools have unmet digital marketing needs due to a lack of available opportunities.


Business planning depends on income - therefore schools need to behave far more cleverly and strategically to win over future parents. This includes using processes that inform and take place before, during and after uptake or involvement.

Parents are now more conversant with technology and their expectations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Any product or service designed to attract school admissions will need to satisfy these expectations.


Where enrollment is mission critical, we help schools to reduce the number of steps to customer acquisition. We will achieve this by bringing together schools and parents in the same online space. 

Our unique marketing solutions are designed for schools to become community-centric using content to drive traffic to their websites.


Discovery is dependent on having viable stakeholder listings and parents who know about our website.

The opportunity for Kidsnschools is simultaneously in the global schools market and the hyper-localised addressable market found in cities worldwide. 


As globalisation continues, international families have emerged as a single definable group - a flow of parents seeking world class schools. Research reveals that Expatriate and Host Nation families are entering International Education at all levels at an unprecedented rate - more than four million students are now educated in international schools, around the world. International Schools Consultancy Group

We capture the attention of parents by stating two immediately recognisable facts.  

Every day, families like yours move overseas

Sub-text: Implied emotional upheaval - Investment of time and energy is required to rearrange and reassemble lifestyle, including finding new schools.

Every city has the potential to become home

Sub-text: Implied uncertainty and period of adjustment - A new home means a period of discovery of new surroundings, of making new friend and of finding new activities.


We list schools situated in destination countries - for families relocating, and in cities where schools exist to serve both Expat and local communities. Collectively schools consist of two types: International Schools and Pre-schools.

Currently the market size is said to be somewhere between 7,000 and 9,000 International Schools, in 200 or more countries, with 450,000 international teachers, instructing 4.9 million students. 

WENR (World Education News and Reviews)

International school definition

A school is an international school if the school delivers a curriculum to any combination of pre-school, primary or secondary students, wholly in English outside an English-speaking country, or if a school in a country where English is one of the official  languages, offers an English-medium curriculum other than the country’s national curriculum and is international in its orientation. 

International Schools Consultancy Group

K-12 definition

Spanning Kindergarten through to Grade 12 (US) and in the UK, Year 13. Approximate age 3 to under 19 years.

Our Products and Services


Our listings are curated for content and searchable on a country-city-venue basis using bespoke filters. The revenue generating side is enterprise focused and the services side is consumer focused.


We offer all venues a Basic page, which is free to use and includes: Banner image, logo, venue description, contacts, and experience.


We offer a range of marketing tools to listed schools, which may be purchased to enhance a Basic page. 

Standard package - This is priced for small to medium-sized schools and includes: Banner image, logo, venue description, contacts, experiences, image gallery and blog

Premium package - This is priced for larger schools and includes: Banner image, logo, venue description, contacts, experiences, image gallery, blogs, video and info-graphics


We ask venues for Key Information at sign-up, which is standardised across the site to enable our filters to return valid and consistent search results.


Here are some of the key benefits we expect to deliver:

  • New customer acquisition
  • Targets - for crafted content
  • Positioning - within a global community of learners
  • In-house management of tools available to marketing teams 24/7
  • Control of message and community alerts
  • Live feedback
  • Available site metrics reports


Our price structure is designed so that at the very minimum a venue will have a presence within our community. Our packages provide tools for promoting venues and add value to the customer experience.

We have set our Rates and Taxes for 2017. We will determine our future pricing policy in line with what we discover from our customers and our pilot review.


Payments can be made online by monthly subscription in Local Currency using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


Visualising how our Basic pages work for venues - loaded with tools available in our Premium package 

Business model

We supply software that is licensed as a service on a subscription basis. Everything is centrally hosted on our UK cloud-based web server and accessed via the Internet


The market described here is not locked down - there are varying degrees of freedom for opportunities to find breadth and longevity. It is not yet possible to say how these possibilities might unfold across the dimension of time. 


For the first time, a generation of children in today’s emerging global economies is experiencing a Western-style education, taught by Western teachers using International Curricula. Research shows that parents set a high priority on an English-medium education taught by Western-trained Native-English Speaking teachers. International Schools Consultancy Group

Market size

Forecasts expect the International Schools market to reach 16,000 schools by 2026, teaching 8.75 million students. International Schools Consultancy Group

Market growth

The growth has been fuelled by the apparently unstoppable rise of English as the global language, providing both a currency in an increasingly globalised workforce and entry to the World’s best universities. While a significant number of students at international schools are Expatriates, the number going to an international school in their home country is also increasing. That means a growing number of families are opting to pay for an English-medium education rather than send their children to a National school. 

The reasons are not hard to find. Most important is the desire for an English-medium education itself. English is the most widely-spoken second language and is increasingly essential for anyone wanting to be part of a global workforce. It also provides access to universities in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, as well as the growing number of continental European universities who offer tuition in English. 

Two thirds of the overall international school market growth was recorded in the Middle East, with 143,661 students attending 175 international schools in Dubai  alone. There are a further 101 international schools in Doha, Qatar, and another 100 in Bangkok.

It would seem that the new internationally-minded approach to education has proven successful and more local parents are looking for international school environments for their children - the market in such education is potentially enormous. International Schools Consultancy Group

Market value

Here are some current estimates from research.

International K-12 education is a big business - with annual income of approximately US$27 billion dollars a year, employing over 270,000 teachers and administrators...

The world’s most widely taught English-medium curriculum is modeled on the English National Curriculum and taught at over 2,900 schools worldwide. British schools based overseas now contribute close to $1.6 billion in revenue to the UK economy, according to recent government figures …

World Education News and Reviews (WENR)

The growth in international schools is gathering pace, with the market expected to be worth $89 billion by 2026. Much of the rise has been fueled by the demand for English-medium education, with the number of English-medium K-12 schools up by more than 40% in the last five years. More than four million students now educated in international schools, up by 45% over the same period. This makes the market worth around $39 billion in fee income and the forecast is for it to reach $89 billion by 2026.



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