organised professional support for learning

Education specialists offer a range of courses, interventions and/or support programmes, e.g.

  • Academic and examination tuition
  • Music and arts tuition
  • Language tuition
  • Sports coaching
  • Outdoor education
  • SEN diagnostics and/or therapeutic services
  • Overseas education placement services
  • Summer school/camp placement services
  • Technology training

Group education specialists

Education specialists will often group together to offer a comprehensive range of courses, interventions and/or support programmes designed for particular client groups. 

These could be: training courses, interventions and/or therapeutic support programmes to improve learning; leaders in outdoor excursions or sports education programmes; a resource for discovering educational summer schools; or a local tuition centre that focuses on schools’ academic programmes. 

If you are an individual one-on-one personal tutor or practitioner, our tutor page will be more suitable to your needs.


Individual education specialists

If you are an individual one-on-one practitioner, you will use a tutor page.

Related specialists

Education specialists with multiple sites or locations can create a thumbnail link for each one for display at the bottom of their showcase.

Key information

Education specialists may be required to input key information at registration.


Education specialists work to optimize students’ progress - they may focus on serving students with learning disabilities or on implementing technology in the classroom.


Educational specialists are often educators with higher professional degrees who play a crucial role in the success of schools and individuals in the community. 

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