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Blogs have become a major marketing vehicle for building a community around business culture, and smart content that connects with the fundamental drivers of consumers. 

We want to be known for our online discourse - offering blog topics that deal with practical help to those that challenge and develop our thinking.

We currently support blog submissions from three different sources:

  • Site blogs
  • Venue blogs
  • Sponsors blogs


Site blogs

We aim to post site blogs frequently, but expect that venue blogs will eventually populate our pages.


Venue blogs

Fortunately, people seem to like reading and writing content and sharing it too. Great blogs may be promoted and featured as site content, which will make your page more visible and differentiate you in the eyes of your customers.  

Sponsor blogs

Potential sponsors can look here to learn more about blog articles.

Craft a narrative

Craft a narrative around your customer data - identify what users want from your product or service, including information that may be missing from your page or your website. Once you know how to solve customer concerns with content, you will produce and bring real value.


Venues' need to identify what the people in their target market are talking about and what they are asking for. If there's a certain topic everyone is talking about, identify it and write about it. Don’t bury your data, give it context to make it meaningful and engaging to people.



Remain focused on K-12 Education and the combined interests of our learning community; do not drift into other areas.



Well-written, thoughtful and even fun blogs can become instrumental in setting the tone and motivating readership. Instrumental can mean:

  • Re-purposing feedback by fleshing out common problems
  • Sharing innovation and best practice in schools
  • Thought experiments around teaching and learning


Bloggers should be authentic and write in an easy-to-read, conversational style that their target audience will understand and relate to.



10 basics to incorporate when creating content:

  1. Get to the point, keep it short and be professional.
  2. Answer questions in context – include: Who? What? Where? When? Why? And How?
  3. Proof read your work carefully before posting it; no errors please - ever!
  4. Use short sentences, avoid overly complicated words, and always keep your audience in mind.
  5. Keep paragraphs to two or three sentences each, use plenty of white space on the screen.
  6. Where possible, use photos and graphics to help tell a story or demonstrate a key point.
  7. Don't ramble or include too much information in a blog - if necessary, split the content.
  8. Ensure your content is interesting, organised, entertaining, informative, engaging, etc.
  9. Brand and image - your page should be consistent with everything else you represent.
  10. Use bulleted or numbered lists within your posts to quickly convey information.


Content is a big part of how we participate as a community, so we hope that you will be inspired to upload and share content. We curate content in the form of site and venue blogs, as well as posted comments. The images that you upload of yourselves and your venues are content. An image used for story-telling or conveying information in a video is also content.





We are committed to the best quality experience, so please follow this general advice:

Please don't 

  • Use advertising or product placement in content 
  • Use our community for unwholesome activity 
  • Lower the tone of discourse, create bad feeling or offend 
  • Post content that goes against the look and feel of our website, i.e. avoid posting overly personal/distasteful or blurred and/or stretched images


Please do

  • Read, contribute and share content
  • Keep content up-to-date and accurate
  • Be inspired to bring innovation to our community
  • Preserve valuable contents before taking down a blog 
  • Strategise content to achieve consistency and thematic discourse
  • Read our guidelines for building an online community
  • Contact us if you need further help

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